I'm Soufiane Hamdaoui

Leadership has been my focus for over 15 years. 

This experience led me to found Anima, which initially served as a consultancy for large businesses, helping them navigate transformations and implement effective strategies. 

However, my focus has shifted to a mission that's personally important to me: 

Helping startup founders navigate the scaling phase whilst struggling with leadership and performance issues. 

I want them to be less stressed, feel at ease when leading their people and have more fun doing so.

Through Anima, I offer tailored advisory, training, and mentoring services to help Entrepreneurs maximise their leadership potential and ensure their vision becomes sustainable.

Besides a practical track record I make sure to have academic substantiation. 
My qualifications include a Global Executive MBA and ongoing PhD studies, meaning my advice is practical and backed by the latest research.

Life has taught me an essential lesson: 
"Do what should be done, desire what can be, create what can't be, dream of what could be, and love life to its fullest."


What has life taught you?

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