How to Manage Stress and Avoid Burnout

Let's face it: Running a company, or even a small team, can be incredibly stressful. From dealing with rapidly shifting market conditions to managing internal challenges to supporting direct reports in their work, there's no single time when leaders don't have much on their plates. It's probably no wonder that stress and burnout have become prevalent challenges in both personal and professional lives, with 40 – 50 per cent of managers facing burnout. It's a serious problem that doesn't get enough attention or recognition. 

Fortunately, there are ways to manage or avoid burnout using a handful of mindful strategies and intentional choices. Here are a few things you can do to help you manage stress, take care of yourself, and avoid burnout.

1.     Clarify Your Vision
Ensure that your efforts align with a vision that resonates with your passions and competencies. Having a sense of purpose and direction makes you feel more in control. Taking action guided by a vision you genuinely care about can often be a source of motivation and resilience.

2.     Create the Right Environment
Evaluate your surroundings and assess whether they inspire and stimulate your progress toward your goals. Look at all aspects of your workspace. Do you have good lighting, a comfortable chair, and an ergonomic workspace? If not, consider seeking a new environment or, if possible, work towards creating a more conducive atmosphere. Being mindful and present in your environment allows you to make intentional choices that will positively impact your well-being.

3.     Focus on Your Zone of Control
Direct your energy and take responsibility for what you can control, positively contribute to your sphere of influence, and avoid unnecessary worry about things beyond your control. Embrace challenges and be honest about your limitations. Accept that seeking help is a strength, not a weakness. 

4.     Set Attainable Goals and Manage Workload
We're disappointed when we don't meet our goals, but too often, we aren't realistic about what we can accomplish. Instead, try setting more realistic goals, managing your workload effectively, and cultivating the ability to say no when necessary. Good time management, prioritization, and setting deadlines are essential for focusing on the most important things and delivering results on time.

5.     Know Your Abilities and Competencies
Acknowledge your strengths and limitations, and don't bluff your way into roles that may lead to unnecessary stress. Avoid the temptation to overextend yourself. Be humble and grateful for what you excel at and enjoy. 

6.     Maintain the Four Batteries
Energize yourself by tending to the four batteries theory: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. These areas are interconnected, and activities such as sports, personal development, building a social network, and engaging in meditation or relaxation contribute to overall well-being. 

7.     Don't Forget Hygiene, Sleep and Diet
Ensure good sleep quality and maintain a healthy diet by avoiding refined sugars and fats. Physical well-being is crucial in sustaining energy levels and focus, providing a solid foundation for stress management.

8.     Communicate and Seek Support
Find a friend, a peer, or a colleague with whom you can regularly exchange thoughts and support each other. Sharing your experiences and seeking advice can be a powerful way to unburden yourself and gain valuable perspectives.

Managing stress and avoiding burnout requires intentional choices, self-awareness, and a commitment to well-being. By incorporating these approaches into your work and personal life, you can build resilience, thrive in your endeavours, and avoid the effects of burnout. 


Are you feeling stressed? We understand and can help! Sometimes, it just takes a friendly ear and helps develop a clear vision to move forward. 

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